April 21, 2009

GMA 7's Outrageous and Courageous: Wake Up!


Let's face it. Marvin Agustin and this puppet canNOT host this show properly. How about replacing the hosts? Or thinking of a brand new concept and scripts?

Or how about replacing this show with a brand new one?... I mean, the station already have a Pinoy Version of Ripley's Believe it or Not, and Kap's Amazing Stories. The previous shows like World Records and Full Force Nature didn't even make it. Why? Because most of the viewers were fed up.

A new night tv show without some "wanna-be-funny" hosts and filed "extraordinary" videos will be great and will be much appreciated.

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mariancalago said...

hi. thanks for the link exvchange offer. however, i cannot find your link exchange portion. Pls let me know if you already added my links here. thanks


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