April 18, 2009

Free Simple Ways to Lose Weight


Here are my own personal ways to lose weight. And it really worked for me! I lost 2.8 lbs in one week (I'm not selling anything, ok!)..

1. Drink 2 glasses of water 15 minutes after waking up and 30 minutes before having breakfast.

2. Eat one cup of rice in the morning, eat a half-cup of rice at lunch, no rice at dinner.

3. As much as possible, avoid fried dishes. Or at least, make it once a day (preferably at breakfast). Go for steamed or roasted dishes.

4. Drink one glass of water before meal.

5. While eating: Bite, Drink, Bite, Drink, Bite, Drink...

6. Eat on time.

7. Sleep early to avoid midnight snacks.

8. Quit smoking, drinking alchohol and softdrinks.

9. DON'T believe on Diet Sodas. CLICK HERE to see why.

10. If you do exercises and crunches, make sure YOU SWEAT!

11. Focus on your goal. Post a photo of your desired body at the wall beside your bed.

12. Learn to love vegetables. But that doesn't mean you should stop eating meat. Just regulate it.

13. Make it a daily habit to weigh yourself every morning and measure your belly. That will keep you going.

That's it! No need to buy those expensive and dangerous diet pills, teas, etc. It will be difficult for starters. But if you really want to achieve something, you should work hard on it!

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