April 6, 2009

Angels and Demons the Movie: A Test of Faith


Angels and Demons is a best-selling mystery-thriller fiction novel written by Dan Brown... who's also behind the controversial book, The DaVinci Code. The novel evolves around the quest of Robert Langdon, a fictional Harvard University Symbologist, who is the main character of the story. The book utilizes the historical conflict between science and religion.

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In the movie adaptation, which is due to come in theaters this coming May 2009, Tom Hanks will play the role of Robert Langdon.

Meanwhile, reports say that Vatican is planning to boycott this film. They didn't even allow the production to shoot in it's holy buildings. I have nothing against it, personally. I guess it's just natural for these Church officials to react like that, especially when it comes to these "kind" of matters. But their plan really caused a boomerang effect. They had, unawarely, caused more people to be interested to see the movie.

Oh well, like any other movies, this only serves as an entertainment. It's up to the people if they're going to believe the movie's perception or not... I mean, it's up to their FAITH.

According to Church's teachings, sometimes God tests our faith in Him. Maybe this is one of them. And if that's the case, no powerful Church Official can stop it.

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