March 22, 2009

"SUNDO"... is it really worth watching?


"SUNDO" is a suspense-thriller movie directed by Topel Lee (who's also the director of the movie "Ouija"). Starred by Mr. Robin Padilla, Ms. Sunshine Dizon and Ms. Rhiann Ramos, this is indeed a big movie.

But the question is, is it really WORTH WATCHING?

I watched the movie last March 20, 2009 at the big screen. The concept and story line is good, but not original. If you were able to watch "The Eye" and "The Final Destination", their concepts are 100% alike. And lastly, the ending was a mess! I think "Ouija" is way better than "Sundo".

I kinda regret watching it because cinema tickets are more expensive than buying a pirated DVD (just my opinion.:-)). Anyway, what can I do now?

These are just my personal opinions, okay. Peace.:-)

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