March 1, 2009

Pirated CD's and DVD's in the Philippines


It's not that I support piracy, I just want to state my opinion on this.

Filipinos love music. There's no doubt on that. Especially for the new generation kids, they feel that "they belong" if they know the latest music playing on MTV.

Let's face the truth, not all of us can afford the price of the original CD's and DVD's (Php 250 to 750). That's why other people came to this idea of pirating. Pirated CD's and DVD's range from Php 25 to Php 100 only. And the good thing is, there's no difference between the original and pirated (well, when you choose wisely!). And from your Php 250, you can buy 2 to 3 pirated CD's or DVD's instead of just one original CD / DVD.

I personally don't think that someone like Edu Manzano or some powerful government office can stop piracy. Why? Because people nowadays are already tightening their fists. The only thing they can do is a little adjustment on the prices of the original ones. Maybe someday, MAYBE, people will start patronizing the original ones and our movie industry will start to boom again.

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