March 6, 2009

Paid To Click Sites.. are they really worth of our time?


I was a PTC addict before. I registered in 12 different PTC's, spent a lot of hours infront of the computer clicking their advertisements. Last May 2008, my account reached the amount of $10 dollars and I tried to cash it out to test the credibility of the site. And until now, my request is still "pending". I tried to send a ticket and contact the support team several times, but still, no appropriate response had been given.

I gave up and decided that I should no longer spend my precious time with these PTC's. Good thing, I didn't invest money on these sites like their referral programs, premium membership, etc. Maybe there are still PTC Sites that are for real.. I don't know.

If you're a PTC addict (or soon to be), don't just rely on them. You should look for other ways to earn money. If you're really looking for a home-based job, try buy and sell, or try to be an online agent (real estate, etc). Then master your internet-marketing skills. I'm an online real estate agent, I do my marketing through the net. Instead of doing some door-to-door under the heat of the sun, I post my advertisements online and yes, ninety percent of my sales came from the internet. It may take a while, but this is more productive than clicking and getting nothing in return.

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