March 15, 2009

Annoying Bulletin Board Posts on Friendster


I just want to post my opinion regarding those annoying people misusing the Bulletin Board on Friendster. As we all know, Bulletin Boards are used to post questions, events, invites, issues and other important things that everyone should know.

I know that there aren't any rules implemented on the said social network, but I can't see any point why other people choose to rant on Bulletin Boards instead of hitting the "send a message" button or just shut the f*ck up. As if everyone would give a damn on how angry they are.

And another thing, I still can't imagine why people still believe on chain letters and messages. That's totally retarded. Sometimes, they put false titles that will surely catch our attention and open it. And the worst thing is, they will post the same darn message a MILLION TIMES! Trash.

Last thing, the non-sense or "so what??" surveys and "Qs". It's not that I'm against with all those craps but I'm getting tired of seeing my bulletin board flooded with "My Qs", "10 Qs", etc. just for everyone to see what they are wearing or doing now!

These are the reasons why I don't read even a single bulletin post anymore. A waste of time, and a waste of my energy clicking the mouse.

For friendster users: Try posting something healthy or informative on bulletin boards. And post it once.. not a million times. In that way, people will start following your bulletins... instead of getting pissed off and marking you as friendster spammers.

These are just my opinions!Peace! :-)

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